There was lots, plainly, dedicated to coming away to other individuals, and also to being trapped within the wardrobe

There was lots, plainly, dedicated to coming away to other individuals, and also to being trapped within the wardrobe

“Sexy,” then, in the beginning may seem like it could provide some recompense. Santana claims she’s attracted to girls and boys and shrubs, of course to Brittany and Holly.

We possess the scene which fans have deemed “Hurt Locker” the moment of which Santana declares this woman is, in reality, deeply in love with Brittany. We’ve scenes right right right here of Santana struggling along with her sex, of Santana struggling to come quickly to terms with having emotions about her friend that is best. But when “Sexy” comes to a detailed, we don’t see Santana features prominently for a couple of episodes as well as the the next time we pick right back up within the storyline, Santana’s voiceover informs the viewers that this woman is in reality a “closet lesbian.”

Pause. Now, this is certainly a challenge with Glee in general the skipping around, the basic continuity mistakes, the extended periods of time without understanding or character development. It is really not the very first storyline that seems just as if it’s a “missing moment.” But offered the context, we find these moments particularly worrisome. I wish to preface this part that is next stating that, yes, i will be well conscious that many people whom ultimately emerge as gay first consider and wonder concerning the notion of bisexuality. Many people turn out as bisexual first. We don’t mean to claim that that isn’t a real possibility. The thing I have always been suggesting, nevertheless, is the fact that the writing on Glee appears to possibly undermine bisexuality as a genuine sex.

When it comes to time that Glee took with all the Santana and Brittana storyline for all your waiting while the thinking and also the sluggish growth of their attraction post Santana’s “Sexy” speech there clearly was virtually no time dedicated after all to Santana’s personal, interior being released. There was plenty, demonstrably, dedicated to coming off to other individuals, and also to being caught when you look at the wardrobe, but we were never ever aware of the moments that existed between her statement that she had been interested in girls and dudes after which revelation that she actually is, indeed, a lesbian. I do believe which could are a rather story that is important very very own journey of finding, the moments of understanding. I believe it might are a specially crucial storyline for Glee because, particularly to the more traditional, casual audience whom is almost certainly not aware of notions of bisexuality or just just what it indicates, it seems a little like her being a lesbian is hence proposed as an inevitability.

She admitted attraction to both genders. Then, episodes later on, we have been provided usage of her thoughts once more when it comes to very first time, and this woman is homosexual.

wet’s this that i am talking about by inevitability; i believe the bond between those two occasions is dangerous without having any noticeable path it seems to necessarily link attraction with both genders to the discovery of attraction to solely one gender between them, because in a way. I really do maybe maybe not imagine to declare that this journey is not relevant, when I talked about. (even though it should really be noted that the practice does of course take place in the inverse, too.) But without usage of Santana’s thoughts and interior battles with regarding your can purchase individual understanding, casual audiences could be kept aided by the feeling that bisexuality is illegitimate or at the least perhaps not genuine to your exact exact exact same level as “gay” and “straight” or that it’ll inevitably result in a homosexual epiphany.

I actually do think making Santana bisexual could have inked several things for Glee: to start with, there are very few bisexual figures on television, specially maybe perhaps not people that have a likely “endgame” which involves another character regarding the exact same sex. Consequently, for a show that claims to advertise diversity, there may have already been the chance to extend a truthful portrayal of bisexuality in place of trying to, to some extent, erase it. You will find therefore stereotypes that are many bisexuality and exactly just what this means become bisexual and also the presence of bisexuality which could have already been dismissed. There may have already been the eradication associated with the belief that bisexuality is approximately confusion. All the viewer has to go by is Blaine, who was confused and considered a possible attraction to Rachel before “snapping out of it,” thus solidifying his sexuality as a gay male after all, at the moment. And then we have actually Santana, whom, whenever struggling along with her very own confusion and emotions for Brittany, stated she ended up being drawn to guys and girls after which, in her more voice that is certain, that she had been a lesbian, without any line linking those two points. 2nd of most, it may have inked quite a great deal in offering a countertop towards the responses Kurt made. Her humor, and it is unlikely she could ever be a platform for the internal, in depth coming out that makes Santana, in some ways, very relatable to many people as it is, Brittany is a character whose focus has mostly been. Ended up being she bisexual, the audience may be led to know that Kurt’s comments that are ignorant exactly that: ignorant.

We don’t declare that it is really not fine that Santana ended up being made homosexual. We don’t declare that she can’t be homosexual. We don’t claim that lesbian representation is not extremely important, given that it positively is. But i believe by once once again dismissing the alternative of bisexuality, along with probably the single exclusion of Brittany a character primarily played on her behalf humor plus one liners and basic off the beaten track commentary and actions Glee has perfected the art of portraying a really binary view of sex, and I also genuinely believe that’s a shame that is genuine.

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